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As I have grown up I have come to realize the opportunities, experiences, and adventures life has to offer once you open your heart to God and open your eyes to the world around you. As I travel this journey called life with the help of God, follow me and see what life has in store.

"Mental freedom is the beginning of innovative thought." --Jonathan Butler

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For white people who both deny racism and see a heavy dose of the Horatio Alger myth as the answer to blacks’ problems, how sweet it must be when a black person stands in a public place and condemns as slothful and unambitious those blacks who are not making it. Whites eagerly embrace black conservatives’ homilies to self-help, however grossly unrealistic such messages are in an economy where millions, white as well as black, are unemployed and, more important, in one where racial discrimination in the workplace is as vicious (if less obvious) than it was when employers posted signs ‘no negras need apply.’ Derrick Bell (via wecanbenew)

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I can’t make it on my own.


I can’t make it on my own.

On this September 2, 2011 wear your College Colors. We all know the best college colors of all time are BLACK and GOLD so to all the Mizzou Tigers out there wear your colors proudly!

Its been 9 days of my 4 week journey and I know im getting stronger with each workout

What happens when the 11th month of the year meets the 11th day of the week during the 11th year after 2000? Go to 111111.MUBOOKSTORE.COM to find out.

This is a throwback joint me and some friends did back in 2008 at Mizzou #GoodMemories

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How Subway Taught Me to Invest

This is a short summary of how my experience at Subway taught me a valuable life lesson.

The University of Missouri (Mizzou) is known for starting the tradition of college homecoming and this year on October 15, 2011 with be the 100th of homecoming so here is one of their promotional videos I enjoyed.

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Kevin Hart: “Laugh At My Pain”

Here’s a promotional video that I found pretty cool about the University of Missouri (Mizzou)